Affiliation - our team

We are an independent fully remote company, composed of traders and crypto full-stack devs.

We are not affiliated with Bittensor/OpenTensor Foundation.

We are incorporated in The British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Design engineering for maximum safety

There is no mixing of funds or reuse of previous wallets, only one new wallet for each side (BTC) and (TAO) is created for only one specific transaction.

By designing it this way, transactions are executed independently.


Security is our principal concern, we will execute an audit when our product and features are shipped including limit/market orders and liquidity pool.

Recommendation - how to use it.

Phase 1. We recommend using only with live/immediate transactions until we have more visibility on our audit timeline.

Phase 2. When audit is passed, You will be able to send limit buy and sell orders to get executed instantly or in few days if you desire to leave your order live.

Multi oracle price feed and TWAP.

We are using a TWAP and multiple oracle feeds to define BTC, ETH, USDC prices to avoid both oracle manipulation or multiple oracles feeds manipulation for a few seconds.

Are we launching a Coin? NFT?

We are not launching any coins, but if you have a coin and want to get listed, please do get in touch with us.

Roadmap where? I want to contribue

We will allow you to create a ticket for features you want to see.


At the moment we are fully focussed on rebuilding our system.

More questions ?

Join our discord, we will answer any remaining question you have